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Don’t Deny Yourself a Break, You Need It

You need to relax and have some fun after working so hard. Why not go to a desert excursion in Dubai? Something new and totally different will put your mind at rest. A desert excursion is a fun trip through the Dubai desert in a 4*4 Land Cruiser. You have not lived until you have experienced the big Red Dunes in Dubai. Also, known as the Al Lahbab by the locals. The thick red clouds of dust rising in magical circles will leave you in awe. Desert excursion in Dubai is a major tourist attraction.

Why go on a desert excursion in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places to visit either with your family or with friends. Desert excursions are more than just taking a trip through the desert. You get to experience Dubai’s rich culture and warm hospitality. You get to experience the desert camp, you get a taste of Arabian tea or coffee and Arabic tradition. Experience much more than the food, you get to see the live shows. You can capture the sunset and the beautiful moments with your family. Take races, compete with family and friends or just lay back as your body is tattooed with henna. Whatever activity you choose, either passive or active, desert excursions are for everyone.

In addition, you can create campsites at the heart of the Dubai desert. Desert excursions are accompanied by several fun activities. Imagine taking leisure camel safaris or smoking shisha as you watch the sunset. There delicious buffet dinners with barbecue, enjoy dancing and belly dancing or you can enjoy laughing as you tell scary stories and take amazing photographs. Whatever you choose to do, desert excursion in Dubai will be an experience you will live to remember.

What you will need

Quad Bike Tour

The requirements will leave a minimalist smiling. For this type of trip, you only need to travel light and dress comfortably. Pack lightly so that you may enjoy your trip. To get the full experience of your tour, keep all your expensive and breakable items at home. Why bother wondering about the precious watch or the breakables in your backpack? The only worry you need to have is what activity you are engaging in next. You need to have fun while in the desert excursion in Dubai.

You may choose to quad bike tour, skydiving, buggy drive or camel ride. These activities need you to be comfortable. That is why it is advisable to dress according to the type of activities you plan to undertake. Loose fabric will be great if you wanted to buggy drive or sand-board. Wear shorts or trousers if you are thinking of camel riding. Before the trip, you should also remember to eat lightly. We do not want you sick during the sand drive, because you will miss all the fun.

When you are in the desert excursion in Dubai, it’s all about fun, dance, food drink, so why wait? Pick up that phone and make your reservations today.